Lukáš Soukup

Product Manager, UX & UI Designer.
I'm developing products and creating new brands.

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Art Gallery

I've been designing a mobile app for Art Gallery as part of my UX Design certification. The goal was to design an app that allows users to easily book a tour for an art exhibition.

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Hani Bank

This project was focused on designing a responsive website for an online bank sign-up process.

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Ontrak is a career coaching service. I've designed the mobile and responsive website. This project was again part of my UX Design certification.

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Sumio is an easy-to-use and comfortable app for keeping track of your wealth. It protects your privacy and includes a range of automation and visualization features. I designed the app and the website.

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You can reach me on Twitter or at My resume, including clients and projects I've been working on, you find on my LinkedIn profile and on my company website.